Sunday, October 30, 2016

Those Planks, tho....

Takes a special kind of crazy to find yourself with dry, cracked & bleeding elbows when you're dressing up like a girl, getting ready for church....and have it make you smile. Who is this person I've become??? I like her. 😉😉👍👊 #ThosePlanksTho #BadgesOfHonor 😉 And, they're much more impressive in person than this pic shows...😂😂


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Never Never Never Never Never Give Up

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Planking and Football

I'm right side dominant & could have held that one a little longer had Robert not been making me laugh the whole time!! Started with...."Well. Look at you, so fancy!!! What do you call that move"??? Then decided he wanted to make it as hard for me to hold it as he could.... #GoDawgs, btw....😉

Friday, October 28, 2016

If You Fall, I Will Be There

Fitness tip of the day:: if you work out when you're irritated, you'll push harder...😂😂 Morning plank = tired, sleepy & feeling weak Afternoon plank = tired & irritated for the win!!!! 😉😉 I like to channel frustrated feelings in a positive way & use them to my advantage, haha!!

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes...

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

He Makes Me Brave...

Available in my Etsy shop!!  Click on the pic to be taken there!! =)

Planking with a Partner...or Partners...

Last day of our trip = grouchy ppl who have had enough of my location planks & I'm afraid to ask one of them to be my photographer!! 😂😂. Sore elbows from concrete made it harder but it bugged me that my time was shorter, so I added on side planks after giving my elbows short breaks... Today's challenge was to plank with a partner & I don't have one, but creativity counts for something, right?? 😉. Every day that we've arrived "home" at Give Kids the World, there's been a surprise waiting in our villa!! Sometimes, a snack or goody bag, one day was a board game....and on a couple of days it was stuffed animal friends!!! Put them to work this morning before packing them up!!! 😁😁😁😁

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Thousand Reasons to Smile...

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile". ~unknown

I always choose the 🌞 yellow 🌞 balls or game pieces. I turned mine over after I picked it up the other day and was delighted to find it smiling at me!!!! Just look at how beautiful it is!!! Beat up by life and far from perfect, with a smile that's reflected on my face every time I look at it. 😉 We drove "home" (back to our little house here at Give Kids The World) last night after theme parking all day, and the neighborhood was full of other families fulfilling their dream trips....families who are here because one of their most precious treasures has fought or is fighting a life threatening illness. A whole village full of smiles that have been hard fought for. It makes me tear up to think about it...and smile all the way down to the deepest part of me....and then tear up again, thinking of & hoping for happier & healthier days ahead for those sweet faces. And hoping for the same for my own most precious treasures. Life is hard. It can beat you up like you never imagined. Everything in it, and every day is uncertain, whether you realize it or not. Always choose to smile & make the most of every little moment, every chance you get. It will make you beautiful in the ways that won't fade if you let it. ❤

Planking with Horton...

"Don't give up! I believe in you all! A person's a person, no matter how small". Dr. Suess/Horton
Hears a Who 😘😘

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Take the Time to Feed Your Soul...

Can't go to church today, but that doesn't mean I'm going to skip getting my worship on.... ;)

<3 5:01:89 plank with prayer
<3 Beachbody's 3 Week Yoga Retreat - Stretch, done to some Praise & Worship music
<3 A little quiet time in the Word/the Bible/the Good Book ;)
Was just what this introvert with extrovert tendencies needed!!! I love good times, excitement, adventures.... and I LOVE being with all of my people.....but that introvert in me DEF needs those times of quiet, peace & rest to recharge my body, and this heart of mine needs those times of worship and reflection with the One who made me. I spend time with Him daily....and I can tell ya, if you're only dependent on others to feed that part of you, and to do for yourself what YOUR mind, heart, body & soul're always going to come up lacking...and you were created for more than that. <3 Fitness in all areas works the same way!! :)
Jeremiah 29:13 "And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart."
See that there?? The YOU part. Mmmm-hmmmmmm. He said it. I'm just rephrasing it. ;) YOU gotta take charge of you!!! Your health in ALL areas....HEART, mind, body & SOUL. <3 So, if you can't get yourself to church this's your fitness challenge for the day:: GET YOUR WORSHIP ON ANYWAY!!! :P <3

  <3 -="" 29:13="" 3="" 5:01:89="" :="" :p="" a="" adventures....="" all="" always="" and="" anyway="" areas....heart="" areas="" beachbody="" being="" bible="" body="" book="" can="" challenge="" charge="" church="" come="" created="" daily....and="" day::="" def="" dependent="" do="" done="" excitement="" extrovert="" feed="" find="" fitness="" for="" get="" going="" good="" gotta="" he="" health="" heart.="" heart="" him="" href="" i="" if="" in="" introvert="" it.="" jeremiah="" just="" lacking...and="" little="" love="" m="" made="" me.="" me="" mind="" mine="" mmmm-hmmmmmm.="" more="""" music="" my="" nd="" needed="""" needs="" of="" on="" one="" only="" others="" part.="" part="" peace="" people.....but="" plank="" praise="" prayer="" quiet="" re="" recharge="" reflection="" rephrasing="" rest="" retreat="" s="" said="" same="" search="" see="" seek="" shall="" so="" some="" soul.="" soul="" spend="" stretch="" t="" take="" target="_blank" tell="" tendencies="" than="" that.="" that="" the="" there="" this="" those="" time="" times="" to="" up="" was="" way="" week="" were="" what="" when="" who="" with="" word="" works="" worship="" ya="" yoga="" you="" your="" yourself="">

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Far Better Things Ahead....

A few of my keys to surviving the storms of life &, getting through them well:: prayer, unshakeable faith, holding onto God's promises like a pit bull ;) , and a CONSTANT input of scripture & positivity.

This is one quote that I would pull up on the hardest of days. Choosing to believe that one day....I wouldn't have to read it while saying "I hope so" and "God....PLEASE". There are still hard days. Single mom life isn't for the weak of heart & spirit. But, now....this quote makes me smile. Better days & better things than what we've had & what we've left behind.... are pretty flippin' AWESOME!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Planking on Vacation....

I had 2 hyped up crazies not letting me go to sleep last night so I slept a little later than I meant to....and we've got super fun stuff to get off to this morning....but I can still take 10 min. w/ Tony and do that plank, dontcha know....😉😉 And we off!!!! Here. We. Go...I have an excited 18 yr. old this morning!!! 😍

Friday, October 21, 2016

Get Your Strong On...

When ppl say runners don't have muscles....I say "shut yo face, how do you think I get from point A to point B on my runs"!?!? ;) But.....I do want to complete some obstacle runs and more extreme this crazy runner lady has GOT to start being more consistent with the cross training to round out that #FitLife, and gain more where I'm lacking!!! And I have 156 things to do before we head to central Fl today....but I did manage to get that plank challenge in AND make & keep a 30 min. date with Tony Horton!! ;) (thanks, Beachbody ;) )

 Home fitness tip for ya:: Do your workouts in front of a mirror, or something that gives you a reflection. Because....

 1.) you can check your form and fix it, if needed. If you're going to do your it right!! And often, you think you're on it...but seeing yourself in the mirror will often make you say, "whoops....let's fix that"!!

2.) you're likely to tighten it up & engage more muscles when you can see them working....or not working. Good form trumps number of reps!! Take the time to train correctly, get that form down...and THEN increase your reps.

3.) when you see those muscles helps ya stick with it!! ;) Sometimes you just don't want to. You just don't feel it while you're doing it. Or... feel like doing it at all. SEEING progress helps quiet those self defeating voices in your head & helps ya keep on, keepin' on!!!

 Now....GO GET YOUR STRONG ON!! I can help you with that even MORE if you're in my challenge group next month, you know.... (wink, wink).

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Eating Out the Healthy Way....

When you're so hungry that you fall madly in love with your food at first sight....😍😍. So much YUM!!!!!!!


Have trouble making healthy choices when eating out??  I can help you with that!! ;)  Contact me and ask about my next challenge group, where you can learn all you need to know, and get a fitfam along the way!! <3

Unity Day 2016

What better place to take a run selfie on #UnityDay2016 , wearing my orange that's part of it ;) , than at Friendship Fountain??? ;)

Join the movement. Take a stand. Be the change you wish to see. Because it matters, more than you might think.... Most people who know me automatically assume that I was the popular girl growing up. The cheerleader. The one who couldn't possibly understand things that I actually do....until I tell them bits & pieces of my life's story. Such as.....that in elementary school, I was the fat kid. The one who had more going on in her world than she knew how to deal with, so she fed all the hurts that....well, HURT. I was shy, insecure....bullied, teased, called names, laughed at, always the last one picked at PE, the one no one wanted on their team. The overweight, awkward, ugly duckling. By high school, I had lost the weight....but the self image that was down in the depths of the stayed for a long, LONG time. I never was one to feel sorry for myself....I never acted out. But the damage done took me years to undo, and even then....I'm now THANKFUL for that part of my story. My kids don't understand when I say that, but I know for a fact that it's part of what has shaped something good in me. Because I went through it, God gave me eyes to see those hurts in others....and a heart that tends to zone in on the ones that don't quite fit in, the ones who are picked on, when I work with youth. Because of what I struggled with, I see things that a lot of other people don't. (Romans 8:28 !!!) I want those girls that stand out to me like glow sticks....who are picked on & called names, who feel like they don't fit in, who feel they're ugly or not pretty or perfect enough because they think they don't measure up to all the crap this world feeds to them and things that are said to know they're AMAZING. To know they're BEAUTIFUL and SPECIAL, WORTHY, VALUED....and LOVED. <3 a="" about="" abuse.="" active="" adopt="" adults.="" adults="" affect="" also="" an="""" and="" are.="" are="" around="" as="" assume="" attempt="" back="" be="" bear="" because="" been="" being="" better.="" born="" both="" bubble="" buffer="" built="" bullied="" bully-ers="" bully....i="" bully="" bullying="" but="" can="" change::="" change="" coin="" comfort="" control="" cycle="" day="" deal="" dealt="" deny="" disagree="" do="" don="" each="" equally="" especially="" every="" everyone.="" everyone="" few="" find="" for="" from="" futures.="" going="" grow="" guarantee="" happen.="" happens.="" hard="" have="" healthy="" help="" hold="" how="" href="" hurtful="" hurting="" i="" if="" in="" insecurity="" instead="" instinct="" intentional="" intervene="" into="" involved="" is="" it="" just="" kids....and="" kids="" know="" lacks="" learn="" little="" live="" lives....or="" lot="" m="" makes="" mama="" man="" matters.="" maturity...and="" mentality="" might="" my="" need="" needed="" never="" not="" of="" often="" on="" one.="" one="" or="" out="" own="" parent="" part="" peer="" powerful....and="" pressure="" ranting="" re="" reach="" reaching="" rescue="" rest="" s="" see="" self-doubt="" self="" sides="" since="" society="" some="" someone="" something="" sometimes="" strong="" struggle="" stuff="" successful="" swoops="" t....ignore="" t...and="" t="" talking="" target="_blank" teach="" teaching....and="" teaching="" tell="" that.="" that="" the="" their="" them.="" them="""" then="" they="" thing="" think="" this="" those="" to="" treat="" try="" turn="" up.="" up="" ve="" very="" vicious="" victim="" want="" way="" we="" well="" were="" what="" whatever="" when="" who="" why="" will="" with="" woman="" won="" would="" ya.....they="" you="" your="" yours="" yourself......get="""">