Sunday, October 23, 2016

Take the Time to Feed Your Soul...

Can't go to church today, but that doesn't mean I'm going to skip getting my worship on.... ;)

<3 5:01:89 plank with prayer
<3 Beachbody's 3 Week Yoga Retreat - Stretch, done to some Praise & Worship music
<3 A little quiet time in the Word/the Bible/the Good Book ;)
Was just what this introvert with extrovert tendencies needed!!! I love good times, excitement, adventures.... and I LOVE being with all of my people.....but that introvert in me DEF needs those times of quiet, peace & rest to recharge my body, and this heart of mine needs those times of worship and reflection with the One who made me. I spend time with Him daily....and I can tell ya, if you're only dependent on others to feed that part of you, and to do for yourself what YOUR mind, heart, body & soul're always going to come up lacking...and you were created for more than that. <3 Fitness in all areas works the same way!! :)
Jeremiah 29:13 "And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart."
See that there?? The YOU part. Mmmm-hmmmmmm. He said it. I'm just rephrasing it. ;) YOU gotta take charge of you!!! Your health in ALL areas....HEART, mind, body & SOUL. <3 So, if you can't get yourself to church this's your fitness challenge for the day:: GET YOUR WORSHIP ON ANYWAY!!! :P <3

  <3 -="" 29:13="" 3="" 5:01:89="" :="" :p="" a="" adventures....="" all="" always="" and="" anyway="" areas....heart="" areas="" beachbody="" being="" bible="" body="" book="" can="" challenge="" charge="" church="" come="" created="" daily....and="" day::="" def="" dependent="" do="" done="" excitement="" extrovert="" feed="" find="" fitness="" for="" get="" going="" good="" gotta="" he="" health="" heart.="" heart="" him="" href="" i="" if="" in="" introvert="" it.="" jeremiah="" just="" lacking...and="" little="" love="" m="" made="" me.="" me="" mind="" mine="" mmmm-hmmmmmm.="" more="""" music="" my="" nd="" needed="""" needs="" of="" on="" one="" only="" others="" part.="" part="" peace="" people.....but="" plank="" praise="" prayer="" quiet="" re="" recharge="" reflection="" rephrasing="" rest="" retreat="" s="" said="" same="" search="" see="" seek="" shall="" so="" some="" soul.="" soul="" spend="" stretch="" t="" take="" target="_blank" tell="" tendencies="" than="" that.="" that="" the="" there="" this="" those="" time="" times="" to="" up="" was="" way="" week="" were="" what="" when="" who="" with="" word="" works="" worship="" ya="" yoga="" you="" your="" yourself="">

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