Thursday, October 6, 2016

Yes, stray cat. Even though you snuck into my garage and decided that my shelving system.... that I just spent a week putting together, hanging & setting up along one wall to organize and create a bigger work space for my online store & business supplies...looked like an awesome obstacle course to hang from, jump on, and swing on....and cause it to come crashing down all over the place 😢😢😢.....EVEN though you did that.... you may still take refuge from the weather in here where you'll be safe and dry. I even bought you cat food and litter just in case you showed up when I was shopping earlier this week, when we haven't seen you for WEEKS & WEEKS. How did you know I was going to prepare a place for you, anyway......and what kind of thanks is this that you give?!?!?!? Hurricane CAT has struck before Matthew and I am not happy with him. But, yeah.....just call me a pushover that forgives quickly most of the time, cuz it's a little bit true...😉😼

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