Wednesday, October 12, 2016

When it's Wacky Wednesday in my virtual challenge group....ya never know what you might be asked to do!!! This Wednesday is Wacky WATER Wednesday....and the assignment is two-fold.

 1.) Did you know that you SHOULD be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water DAILY??? This is my norm & not usually a challenge for me, but when I'm sick the way I have been for the past week...I don't want to drink or eat!!! Not drinking enough isn't helping me out in the getting better dept, so this challenge is on like Donkey Kong for me!!! ;)

 2.) Take a wacky picture of yourself drinking your water. I tossed wacky to the curb because my focus was on trying to stop regurgitating my pre-run Larabar 😂 ... and went for...Water On The Riverfront instead..😉😉😉 Getting started on a healthy path can be hard!! STAYING on a healthy path can be harder!!! Challenge groups can make it more fun & can occasionally get a little wacky....& you should be in mine!!! 😉😉 See Jill drink water??? You should drink more water, too. 😉

It does your body good, in so many ways!!!!


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