Friday, October 21, 2016

Get Your Strong On...

When ppl say runners don't have muscles....I say "shut yo face, how do you think I get from point A to point B on my runs"!?!? ;) But.....I do want to complete some obstacle runs and more extreme this crazy runner lady has GOT to start being more consistent with the cross training to round out that #FitLife, and gain more where I'm lacking!!! And I have 156 things to do before we head to central Fl today....but I did manage to get that plank challenge in AND make & keep a 30 min. date with Tony Horton!! ;) (thanks, Beachbody ;) )

 Home fitness tip for ya:: Do your workouts in front of a mirror, or something that gives you a reflection. Because....

 1.) you can check your form and fix it, if needed. If you're going to do your it right!! And often, you think you're on it...but seeing yourself in the mirror will often make you say, "whoops....let's fix that"!!

2.) you're likely to tighten it up & engage more muscles when you can see them working....or not working. Good form trumps number of reps!! Take the time to train correctly, get that form down...and THEN increase your reps.

3.) when you see those muscles helps ya stick with it!! ;) Sometimes you just don't want to. You just don't feel it while you're doing it. Or... feel like doing it at all. SEEING progress helps quiet those self defeating voices in your head & helps ya keep on, keepin' on!!!

 Now....GO GET YOUR STRONG ON!! I can help you with that even MORE if you're in my challenge group next month, you know.... (wink, wink).

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