Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Unity Day 2016

What better place to take a run selfie on #UnityDay2016 , wearing my orange that's part of it ;) , than at Friendship Fountain??? ;)

Join the movement. Take a stand. Be the change you wish to see. Because it matters, more than you might think.... Most people who know me automatically assume that I was the popular girl growing up. The cheerleader. The one who couldn't possibly understand things that I actually do....until I tell them bits & pieces of my life's story. Such as.....that in elementary school, I was the fat kid. The one who had more going on in her world than she knew how to deal with, so she fed all the hurts that....well, HURT. I was shy, insecure....bullied, teased, called names, laughed at, always the last one picked at PE, the one no one wanted on their team. The overweight, awkward, ugly duckling. By high school, I had lost the weight....but the self image that was down in the depths of the stayed for a long, LONG time. I never was one to feel sorry for myself....I never acted out. But the damage done took me years to undo, and even then....I'm now THANKFUL for that part of my story. My kids don't understand when I say that, but I know for a fact that it's part of what has shaped something good in me. Because I went through it, God gave me eyes to see those hurts in others....and a heart that tends to zone in on the ones that don't quite fit in, the ones who are picked on, when I work with youth. Because of what I struggled with, I see things that a lot of other people don't. (Romans 8:28 !!!) I want those girls that stand out to me like glow sticks....who are picked on & called names, who feel like they don't fit in, who feel they're ugly or not pretty or perfect enough because they think they don't measure up to all the crap this world feeds to them and things that are said to know they're AMAZING. To know they're BEAUTIFUL and SPECIAL, WORTHY, VALUED....and LOVED. <3 a="" about="" abuse.="" active="" adopt="" adults.="" adults="" affect="" also="" an="""" and="" are.="" are="" around="" as="" assume="" attempt="" back="" be="" bear="" because="" been="" being="" better.="" born="" both="" bubble="" buffer="" built="" bullied="" bully-ers="" bully....i="" bully="" bullying="" but="" can="" change::="" change="" coin="" comfort="" control="" cycle="" day="" deal="" dealt="" deny="" disagree="" do="" don="" each="" equally="" especially="" every="" everyone.="" everyone="" few="" find="" for="" from="" futures.="" going="" grow="" guarantee="" happen.="" happens.="" hard="" have="" healthy="" help="" hold="" how="" href="" hurtful="" hurting="" i="" if="" in="" insecurity="" instead="" instinct="" intentional="" intervene="" into="" involved="" is="" it="" just="" kids....and="" kids="" know="" lacks="" learn="" little="" live="" lives....or="" lot="" m="" makes="" mama="" man="" matters.="" maturity...and="" mentality="" might="" my="" need="" needed="" never="" not="" of="" often="" on="" one.="" one="" or="" out="" own="" parent="" part="" peer="" powerful....and="" pressure="" ranting="" re="" reach="" reaching="" rescue="" rest="" s="" see="" self-doubt="" self="" sides="" since="" society="" some="" someone="" something="" sometimes="" strong="" struggle="" stuff="" successful="" swoops="" t....ignore="" t...and="" t="" talking="" target="_blank" teach="" teaching....and="" teaching="" tell="" that.="" that="" the="" their="" them.="" them="""" then="" they="" thing="" think="" this="" those="" to="" treat="" try="" turn="" up.="" up="" ve="" very="" vicious="" victim="" want="" way="" we="" well="" were="" what="" whatever="" when="" who="" why="" will="" with="" woman="" won="" would="" ya.....they="" you="" your="" yours="" yourself......get="""">

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