Monday, October 3, 2016

The myriad of emotions I may have gone through during the progression of this Monday....

 1.) Not amused at life's complications
2.) Even LESS amused.... 😉
3.) After a one day only sneak peek workout of Beachbody's newest program about to be released....Core de Force, a martial arts/kick boxing/self defense inspired program.....that is flippin' AWESOME!!! This is one I could get TOTALLY addicted to!!! 😍😍😍. High intensity. Will work that core like nobody's business and had sweat flying with every kick & punch!! 😉 👊 And after doing it, has me reevaluating that my Monday's not so bad after all, and has me sayin'.....gurrllll, you such a fighter. Life's complications ain't got nuthin' on you!! Sweat is MAGICAL, dontcha know???? 😉 #coredeforce #sweepstakes #beachbodyondemand #nevermissamonday

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