Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Ways He Makes Me Laugh

This convo, after listening to Jacob complain for the 10,437 time abt the sun being in his eyes....

Me: "well, ya see....you shoulda worn a BALL cap to the BALL field like me & you wouldn't be havin' that problem. I'm smart like that..."

Jacob: "nah, I cldn't. I was having a good hair day & didn't want to mess it up!!"

I guess I was looking for a reason to laugh cuz his response tickled my funny bone.....I gotta keep him around for a while if, for nothing else, the amusement factor... ;)
Love him.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Come To Jesus" ~ Chris Rice

Why's this song gotta come on the radio & make me cry??? Makes it kinda hard to see the work I'm trying to do. :'( Blaming it on the rain....that must be why....

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Boy Who Will Become a Man...

I just watched the sunlight fade & finally disappear while snuggled up with my "baby" boy, talking about cats & dogs & rabbits....& hard stuff.  Sigh.  We've been through SO MUCH hard stuff for a while now.  And then, as he continued to chatter nonstop about the way the trees looked against the sky & birds & baseball & the beach & something about his favorite app, I prayed that this boy would grow up to be the kind of man that my heart isn't even sure exists in this world today.
I wanted to squeeze those prayers right into him, listing all the traits & character & desire for God that I want him to have, to make them take root so deeply that they would become his. I was glad it was dark and he was preoccupied with his own chatter & that my tears that escaped were absorbed by his thick hair & he didn't notice. 
I wish there was a guaranteed method to this madness called Motherhood. I wish that even if the kind of man I'm not sure exists DOESN'T exist, that I knew how to make both of my boys become that kind of man anyway.

I wish, I wish, I wish....and more than that, I pray....


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mama's Day....

I think I have writers' block.  Or maybe, I'm just in a season of life being so overwhelming that all the words are just stuck underneath all the other...stuff.  All the stuff that I can't write about due to circumstances, and all the stuff I can't write about because it just all hurts too much right now....and there's just a numbness that comes when I try to express it.  Maybe that's part of what writer's block is. ;)

But I know they will come again, and hope that if I keep posting just little snippets of this & that, that the words will eventually come.

So, today was Mother's Day.  I took my mama (and myself) out to lunch. Cheddar Bay biscuits and Lobster Pizza.

Yeah, baby.... :)

We had to entertain ourselves while waiting for a table.  This.  This is how we roll.  Most of the time, anyway.  Me and my 3.  <3

I was having a bad hair day.  Florida.  Humidity.  You get the point....

Friday, May 2, 2014

Flashback Friday.....

I drove 30 min to baseball practice this evening, listening to what was apparently remix night on the radio station with a definite 80s &, at times, techno, feel to it. Got to the ball field & wouldn't ya know.....practice was cancelled.
Drove 30 minutes back, groovin' & movin' to the ongoing remix in an effort to get Robert from slipping all the way into his I-Can't-Play-Baseball-Grumpy-Frumpy Mood. Not sure my efforts worked completely, but they got me a "you are made out of 100% Awesome" from him.....& I now have the strongest desire to go roller skating.....

Are you feeling it, too????  ;)