Monday, March 17, 2014

Names That I Cherish...

Since we moved last fall, I've done very little decorating, as I wasn't sure if we would be able to stay in this house. It has felt like just a house we were living in & not a home.
I've spent a lot of time this past week looking thru years of pictures for the ones I want to print to fill up frames as I begin to add the personal touches that make a house a "home". I've shed many tears as I've gone thru them & thought about the many "names" we adopt as we go through life....and how those names can change despite the best laid plans & efforts. 
"Thankful" & "blessed" don't even begin to cover how I feel about three "names" that apply to me that I can never lose & can never be taken away ~~ "Ashlyn's Mom", "Jacob's Mom", & "Robert's Mom". Those names are here to stay. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Running Shoes Are Made For Dancing....

I just got back from a walk/jog.....and stopped walking/jogging where the road meets the drive that leads to my house and with it being a long, private & isolated drive....with no one in sight....I proceeded to totally rock out & dance like no one was watching to Superchick & Carrie Underwood all the way.

 Until I reached the corner where I take a turn or head into the woods. It was then something caught my eye and I turned around. Behind me was a truck with 2 work men in it, laughing & grinning from ear to ear. Welcome to the comedy act that is my life....

It's a good thing I know how to laugh at myself :: A sense of humor is critical at times like this ;)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sweet Talker....

Never underestimate the therapeutic qualities of blue skies & sunshine outside your windows, good music that feeds your soul, impromptu dance parties to alleviate stress, & random, unexpected bear hugs from your son delivered with these kind of words:
J: "Mom, I love you"
Me: "What did I do to deserve that"??
J, with a smile: "It's just for being YOU". ♥

After days of feeling I'm doing everything wrong in every way possible.....maybe I'm doing just a little something right after all.
Keep it up, my boy.....and you'll go far ;)

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