Friday, October 14, 2016

How many attempts at getting a photo of yourself does it take to finally get one where you don't look like a dork....or without your stray cat's behind walking in front of the camera?!?! Too many!!! 😂😂 Hello. My name is Jill. And I have a problem saying no to online challenge groups!!! Put me in, coach....I say to myself!!!! 😉 Contrary to what you might selfies can keep you humble!!! 😂😂 Oh, and by the way....think you can't get healthy & get your fitness on because you don't have time to go to a gym?? Or because you don't have a spare room?? Ummm....welcome to my....workroom...."gym" facility for everything that doesn't fit in my house... pantry for bulk shed.....tool holder...yard stuff facility.....the list goes on....I think a lot of ppl refer to this as a "garage". 😉 You don't need a special place. You just need the desire...😘😘💪👊   

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