Saturday, October 15, 2016

Marathon High 2016-2017....1st day!!

❤ There is a girl standing next to me here.
❤ She was the last one to finish her "magic mile" (how we determine groups for pacing).
❤ At an 18 min./mile pace, she gave it all she had & finished with a HUGE smile from ear to ear that made her eyes sparkle.
❤ She said, "I did it"!!!!! "I actually DID IT"!!!!! "And I didn't DIE"!!!!

 ❤❤❤ Ohmygoodness, ohmyGOODNESS....Y'ALL!!!! THAT!!!!! I'm such a female 😉. My heart got stuck in my throat as I watched her and how good she felt about that accomplishment and I told her what a great job she did & how proud of her I am. THAT'S what it's about!!!!

❤ The #FitLife & all the diff. things it leads me to, and that it brings to me.
❤ #TheCoachLife.
❤ Being a #BeachbodyCoach. It's all about helping others find a healthier lifestyle.... and how that impacts SO much more along the way. I **can't** wait to see her progress.... & grow in ways she doesn't even know she will.



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