Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stressed....but Blessed...

Hey there, Christian lady.....you know those Christian-ese phrases that are so super spiritual in theory, but in reality seem to really only make us feel bad and less like that perfect little Christian we're "supposed" to be??? I hereby invite you to to kick them to the curb & experience the freedom from the guilt trips they put us on!!!! We women and our guilt trips & our feelings....smh. We're awfully hard on ourselves...and on each other sometimes.

 Case in point:: "too blessed to be stressed". I'm over that one!!! Why??? Because....life IS stressful. If it wasn't....we'd already be in Heaven. 😉. It just is!!! Even AMAZING & WONDERFUL blessings often come with a side of stress. Quit feeling guilty because you feel it like everybody else does....and just admit that you're human, take a deep breath, pray, deal with it & move on to enjoy the blessings part. 😉.

 I was up a good part of the night trying to figure out how to coordinate 3 teens' & 1 adult's schedules & obligations so that we can take full advantage of everything Dreams Come True wants to do for us next week....and how to make sure everyone is peachy keen happy in the process. Haha. Lolol....you just gotta laugh at the thought of actually succeeding in doing that last part!! 😂 I'm a bit tired this morning from trying to figure out AALLLLL the things. But...hey. That plank challenge, tho...at least I'm making forward progress there!!! 👍👊😂😂. I'm just going to rest here for a second before I take on Hammer & Chisel.....yawn..


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