Monday, July 14, 2014

Perfect Timing....

Hey. I have a story to tell! I bet you're shocked. ;)

Ashlyn made a friend while volunteering last week at VBS......the mechanical bull operator. She, along with another BFF...sweet Laura,  has affectionately named & called him "Best Friend", brought him snacks & goofed off with him on the days she was there. She has invited him to church several times throughout the week. On the days she had to miss due to her dr's appts, he found... out about Ashlyn's diagnosis and her upcoming surgery. Turns out, his sister just had the same surgery last week for a port and g-tube that Ashlyn is having. Before she left last night, his "maybe" of coming to church turned into he "will" come to church....and that he wanted to keep up with how she is doing.

A coincidence that their paths would coincide?? That she just so happens to strike up this silly/fun friendship at this particular time in her life, on this particular week, that would bring her so much laughter....and meet someone who's sister is going through the same thing at the same time, showing her that she's not the only one?? And that she could, in return, have an impact on him & get him to agree to come to church?? I think not.

God WILL use for good, what Satan means for destruction.....and has perfect timing in the orchestration of who and what He brings into our lives when. He's cool like that.

Romans 8:28

We have a hearing test at Nemours and PET scan at Shands today, and Ashlyn's surgery is tomorrow. They will put in her port and g-tube and might begin her first round of chemo while we're in the hospital, depending on all the test and scan results. She will spend at least one night there......and she asked me on the way home last night, "I'll get to go to church Wednesday night, right?" and got so mad when the answer was "no". "But I'll be out of the hospital in time...."

Love that girl. So much. ♥


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