Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sweet 16 Photo Shoot

A few quick & fuzzy phone photos from Saturday because I can't wait to see the Pinterest worthy ones!!!  SOOO thankful to the ladies that made this happen for my girl!!  I scrambled like crazy making this happen for her.....a Sweet 16 photo shoot and once more chance to ride before her surgery and chemo. ♥

Ashlyn's oncologist has said no riding & no horses for her once chemo begins. There's an issue ...with barns & the hay & her soon-to-be compromised immune system from the chemo. :'(   Each family is assigned a social worker to help navigate everything that we have to deal with, and when ours saw mine & Ashlyn's faces when we heard "no horses", she knew that it was a BIG deal. She tried suggesting several ways to make it work for her....some way to let her have "horse therapy". We did not get approval from the Dr, but I'm still hoping we can find a way, esp when knowing I've got sweet friends who would go the extra mile to make it happen for her ♥

And, btw...we woke up to rain on our rooftops & I tried to encourage Ashlyn that her day wld not be ruined while I pleaded to The Lord to let it be so. We were able to get tons of pics & she was able to ride. They had just gotten back from a long ride, taken the horses back to the barn, & within minutes, the whole sky came down in a torrential downpour. Not a moment too soon....perfect timing. :)

#PrayForAshlyn #GodIsGoodAllTheTime

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