Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Guest Book...

During a visit the other day, someone suggested having people sign in as they come. The more I've thought abt it, the more I've thought what a great idea it was.....for Ashlyn to have a kind of "Guest Book", not just for this hospital stay but for the duration of her fight. A record of all those who love her & come to pay her a visit & spend time with her, to be able to look back on the days ...and see just one more way that she's not fighting alone. A visual reminder that God is with her in so many ways, using the Body of Christ to love, support & give her strength with each hug, smile, laugh, gift & card given, milkshake brought, movie shared.....& in the sometimes needed quiet moments, when someone cared enough just to sit and share the silence with her.

I just started it & I'm trying to fill in the days before today....and hoping I don't miss recording anyone!! The days....& my mind....get a little blurry sometimes!! Sigh.

Just look at all the sweet friends who would have come today. :( Hoping that she will start feeling better tomorrow & be up for more visits soon. ♥

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