Friday, January 29, 2016

Kickboxing....My Kind of a Girl's Night Out

3 friends....since we were about 12 years old.  Reuniting for a kickboxing adventure/girls' night out...
Old friends, refusing to grow old.

So fun.  So awesome.  Even if I'm such an uncoordinated dork. And, apparently, I hit like a girl.  ;)
But...hey.  It was only the first class of 5 that we signed up for.  You can't learn new things
if you're not willing to look likea dork sometimes.  And I am totally willing,  haha ;) kids. One day....they will look back and be thankful for the woman that took care of them.....& kickboxed across the living room & into their bedrooms as she warmed up, did less than supersonic Wonder Woman spins, and basically acted like a fool sometimes. They will laugh and say, "I'm glad my mom was a li'l bit crazy". Right now, however, I think they're thankful that very few see the things that they do.... 
wink emoticon
Their eyes roll. Their mouths say, "MOM. You're weird". But....those lips. They turn upward, even though they fight it....and they smile. 

Haha. ;)smile emoticon

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