Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Just Call Me Ms. Fix-It

Because.  I did this.'s kind of a big deal.  To me.  ;)

When I try to do laundry and, my washing machine laughs at me and says, "You silly girl. This is real life".....

After 2 mos. of costly car repairs and other issues I won't go into, I gave myself like 30 seconds of a pity party, then turned to Google and YouTube.

For the cost of a week's worth of patience, free research, a trip to the laundromat, and $3.90 for the part I was almost sure I needed & purchased good ole basic, ugly, gets-the-job done machine is now running and sounds like music to my ears (as opposed to the sound of a repairman giving me his bill or the cost of a new machine)!!

I had to take the whole bleeping thing apart, fuss at a few screws or two, remove the shell or cabinet, disconnect the pump from the motor, remove the motor to get to the broken part in the transmission....then replace the part in a hard to reach, awkward, tight place....and make it all go back together, and fuss at a couple of parts and clamps in the process to make them fit.

And I did it!!!! And it works!!!!!!! And these kids around here are not as excited or as impressed about my accomplishment as I am. I'm all happy dancing and they're just like...."oookkayyyy..."


I did it!!!! And it works!!!!!!!!! I did it!!!! And it works!!!!!!!!! I did it!!!! And it works!!!!!!!!! Did I mention.....for $3.90?!?!?!

Yeah.  I did that.  :)

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