Thursday, January 21, 2016

Throw Back Thursday....I Got My Kicks On Route 66

Confession::  I've been whining about shivering on a "cold" Florida day today....and I MIGHT have been whining about cold Florida days every day before today. :( I'm not a whiner, but the cold seems to find that part of me and brings it out of hiding.  I was NOT bred for it!!!  I hate it!!! It's awful and horrible and get the idea.  BUT... there's always an upside if ya look for it. I mean, hey. I get to wear this hot li'l number because of it...😉 

My first marathon, Nov. 2015!!!   I once said, "I would never.  I could never".  Now, I say...."Never, ever, EVER say never"!!!  

Super cool.  Super fun.  

Cute & fun photo opps at the expo!!

I had to alter my attack plan due to several weeks of sickness prior...and an injury.  Jeff Galloway method.  I highly me through it, I finished faster than I expected to (I threw out my original pace goals & was seriously just wanting to cross the finish line!!  I can alter my plan, but giving up is not something I do well.   Now, I have a time to beat for my next one. ;)

This is the way a Fl runner meets 25 degrees at the race start time ;)

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