Friday, January 15, 2016

Perspective....from a Childhood Cancer Mom

Good heavens. At Nemours, for our latest scan results and follow-up.  Packed house today. Little bald heads. Some not as little, but still kids. Masks to help protect weakened immune systems. One child crying and having to be forcefully "encouraged" to go when his name is called. Another, who had been cheerfully chatting and painting, has his name called and he hops right up & goes....but then his pace slows a little, his face completely changes and he looks down and softly says, "but......I don't want them to hurt me..."

Think you're having a bad day?? There are some young ones here having one that might be worse. 

Things I wish I didn't know so well about. But, I do.

Ashlyn has graduated from 3 mos scans to 6 mos scans.  :) smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon

There is a 3mm node showing on her lower left lobe, which her doctors say they would make no notation of for the average person because these can show up from colds, etc....but because of her history, they made a note of it... & said they are not concerned but will follow up on it with the next scheduled scans.

Her mama says...let's pray that node of no concern away and have it not show up when we go back. Yes???? Please???

And....I appreciate and am so thankful for her AMAZING doctors, nurses, medical staff, hospitals, & facilities. I couldn't ask for better care for my girl.....BUT, when I write my autobiography/Lifetime Movie Network story/manuscript....I shall include a very lengthy chapter on things the medical community needs to think twice about before doing. Such as....leaving a message on the mother of a cancer survivor's phone saying, "there's a small spot showing on her left node and we made an appt for you to bring her in on Feb. 5 to go over the results with Dr. _____".

Notice from my last post that we were there today, not Feb. 5. Because mamas like us have been through it...and we don't play and we don't wait 21 days to get things clarified. Nor should we have to. 24 hours of not worrying makes me kinda tired. Just a little bit.

Yes...a little bit of a rant. But also relieved and thankful that they squeezed us in today. Operation Let's Get Back to Living can proceed. 

Woop woop!!!wink emoticon

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