Monday, January 4, 2016

Twinkly, Sparkly...Endorphin Therapy

Night running in January. 1st night run in.....a long, long time.

Highlights:: Christmas lights!!! Because most people still have them up, ya know.  Puts a little jolly in my haul-y. tongue emoticon
AND, I got to say "on your left" two times as I came up behind and passed other pedestrians!!! 

Captain America reference....just in case you don't know.  Sigh.  <3 Captain America <3 ....but, I digress....

wink emoticon smile emoticoheart emoticonOther observations:: 

1.) at night, my shadow goes before me and I notice things I've never noticed, my ponytail wags like a happy dog's tail when I'm running.

2.) in the dark places where the street lights' illumination cannot is REALLY dark and will test my memory of the twists and turns of a well-traveled path

3.) people coming home from work do not care that I am there. In fact, I think they resent it. They would like to turn me into a Flat Stanley.

Only my running friends will appreciate this post. I'm ok with that.

This post brought to you by endorphins.  ;)

YES.  Yes, I do.

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