Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have you missed me??? ; )

I  went MIA....and it wasn't planned!!  I totally didn't see this recent episode of Burn-Out coming.  The day before my last post, as I was walking in to church for an early-morning sound check, someone asked me how I do everything I do.  "You must really have a lot of energy", she which I replied with a yawn, "No, I really don't. Not at all!". 

I came home that afternoon and discovered  that due to transportation issues, we wouldn't be able to make it back to the evening service.  I took advantage of the lazier afternoon and laid down to take a nap (unheard of for me!).....and woke up THREE HOURS LATER!  Only, I didn't wake up refreshed......I woke up exhausted, and have remained exhausted for 2 weeks. ??????

My days have pretty much been do-what-you-have-to-do-and-not-much-more, although being a work-at-home, homeschooling mom of 3 kids and wife of 1 BIG kid {grin, wink} means that there's a lot that can't be neglected.  Unfortunately, my blog HAS been......I would sit down to try to post something and blankly stare at the screen, my very little brain being too tired to transmit words to fingers.  I'm feeling a little bit better, so here's my re-entry post ~ ~ I'm back! : )

To prove I haven't been just laying around eating bon-bons the whole time, I'll post some of my recent projects and orders that have been some of those can't-neglect duties of mine.

I received a request for a baby boy version of my ♥sweet♥ little rag quilt/lovey blanket, and was so happy to oblige.....soooo cute and soft!  This one features and adorable puppy in a basket along with the phrase "All Of God's Grace In One Little Face".

I also received a request for a slight variation on the burp cloths I previously made.  I made the fabric band on the bottom slightly larger and monogrammed the ♥sweet♥ recipient's initials onto them.....

AND....I received a very specific order for one of my ♥ Sweet Team Spirit ♥ Savannah ♥ purses for a Cincinnati Bearcats fan with this stripe as the band/ties:

I've embroidered shirts and also whipped up some doll clothes, schooled my children (sometimes while lying down ~ no kidding!), cooked meals, cleaned house, taught sewing students, taught a writing class, done bookkeeping, etc, etc, etc.....but I have not BLOGGED.  Sigh. So  much I want to do and only one me.  Yawn.

I've got lots of plans and new designs on the horizon......and will be picking up where I left off in my Lies Women Believe journey, so stay tuned!

We now return to our regular programming.....

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Aurie said...

I did :) I can't believe that you got so much stuff done, long with your regular routine!! Well done! I love the blanket, it makes me want to snuggle up :)