Monday, February 14, 2011

Multitude Monday: 1,000 Gifts 157 - 171

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.”

157.  This conversation: 
Robert: *sigh*.... "I wish you were younger."

Me: "Lately, I wish I was younger, too. Why? So I'd be more fun and play instead of working?"

Robert: "No. I wish you were younger and Daddy hadn't married you yet."

Me: laughing.... "Well, if Daddy hadn't married me, you wouldn't be here. Why would you say that?!"

Robert: "If you were younger, and Daddy hadn't married you yet......then you would make the perfect wife for me."

158.  Park Days

159.  A high temp. of 69* on park days : )

160.  Valentines

161.  Rocky Road Ice Cream

162.  Fondue Nights at home ~ when I get to use my cute fondue sets....

.....a pretty one for dinner w/ matching plates .....

....and a cute Hershey Kiss one for dessert.....

 ~ maybe tonight ???

163.  This picture ~ because it makes me smile : )

164.  The cuteness of a cat curled around my sewing machine, thinking that a pin cushion is a toy just for her.....

165.  .....and that the joy in playing with the pin cushion makes what has to be discomfort due to the pins stuck in it worthwhile ~ (that could be used for deep analogy, don't ya think?)

166.  A home that smells like cinnamon cranberry biscuits and oatmeal cookies

167.  Deep, deep sleep

168.  Peace

169.  Joy

170.  Love...... ♫ Unfailing Love....

171.  Grace, by Your Blood......
         Let it pour over me,
         Till all I see,
         Is Your Unfailing Love ♫
♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥


Rebecca said...

I love your list.....wish I was a seasoned seamstress like you are! I am hoping to buy some material soon and get busy practicing! Love the pic and those fondues are so cute. I was just dreaming of fondue over the weekend!! Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day!

Aurie said...

What a sweet list! I love the conversation with your son!

Rebecca said...

Jill, just wanted to drop by and check on you. Are you doing well/ok? Drop me a line. I miss your sweet posts...and pray that all is well.