Thursday, September 15, 2016

Train Your Mind Well

🏃Very little sleep this week.
🏃Migraine & a touch of vertigo kickin' & trying their best to win the power struggle I'm having with them.
🏃Body didn't want to.
🏃Heart and mind did.

The colors were happy....and I had the matchy matchy goin' on. The sun was shining....and I'm a sucker for that sunshine 🌞 when it calls, so I said..."let's give it a go" and pushed through that feeling of my get up & go having gotten up & went....

Sometimes, this ends up with me going a cpl miles and having to come back home, but I *can't stand* to give up and not, I scored a 10. 😉 Pace suffered, yes it did....but that's not always what winning's about, dontcha know...😘

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