Monday, September 26, 2016

Make Your Future Self Proud

Fall Me is looking back at Summer Me.....& saying, hey you. Thanks for staying consistent. Thanks for getting out there in the heat, listening to your body, throwing out the pace comparisons & just getting it done. Thanks for all the times you did those intervals in the heat & humidity that slow you down, when walking drives you crazy!!! Thanks for all those miles of turtle trots trotted while telling yourself that the pace would get there when the weather was more accommodating, telling yourself to just be happy with the love of the adventures....& of keeping those ankles & knees trained for impact & distance....

 Because starting over is so much more frustrating than just hanging in there, staying consistent & going with the flow, adjusting as needed through the seasons of weather....and of life.

 And, Fall Me is looking at the calendar and seeing my biggest Runventure of 2016 coming up fast & has been looking at "exactly HOW long do I have to cross the finish line before they close the race down"??? ;) .... & has shifted from maintaining to pushing a little harder & working on getting that pace to where I'd prefer it to be. Fall Me has been pleasantly surprised that I'm ahead of where I thought I'd be...& when I look at my splits, I'm clocking in on some of them at paces I haven't hit since early Summer 2015!! Woo Hoo!!! High five to Summer Me!!!! Is it where I want it to be, overall??? No....but I wasn't expecting it to be where it is, so I'm good!! I always need a goal to go after, anyway.... ;)

 Where does YOUR future self want to Christmas? By the New Year? In 3 mos, 6 mos, or a year from now?? What's stopping you from getting started....NOW?? And, in regards to whatever it is that's stopping you....WHY are you letting it??

 Make yourself proud. I double dog dare ya.

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