Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Shakeology

When there's bday cake in the house....& and when my son's favorite cake is also MINE....let's just say that Ms. Disciplined DOES have a couple of weaknesses!! ;)Bdays around here call for not just any cake, but homemade bday cakes made with <3 love <3 . My kids won't let me off the hook on that one, EVER!! {spoiled much??? ;) } 

Several years ago, Robert couldn't decide what kind he wanted, so I set to work adapting a recipe I'd found to suit our preferences....and that cake, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mouse Cake, has been his request every year since!! It's ridiculously yummy & indulgent, & I did have a piece on his bday, you know....just to make sure it was good enough for him, but.....there's still a cpl pieces waiting to be eaten that I refuse to touch!!

SO, I created this instead to resist the temptation w/ something that's actually crazy GOOD for me....& it seriously tastes like the cake in a cup!! I'm not even kidding.....who needs a napkin?? Not me.....makes ya lick that chocolate right off your lips!!!

"Mom, do you want some of this cake, or is the rest for me"?? "It's all you, baby. I'm good". ;)

Sharing this with my challenge group....if YOU were in it, you'd get even more recipes and meal/snack ideas....because that's part of the fun for me:: teaching ppl that yes, healthy FEELS good.....but, y'all. It TASTES good , too!!! <3

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