Friday, September 16, 2016

Fight for your Smile

Here I was....doin' my yoga, minding my own business, doin' my own thang, when I leaned into a stretch that had me looking over my shoulder, and....boom. That glare that I didn't know was there... ;) . Tried to steal my hard-earned peace & tranquility!!

Ok, so maybe not....but the pictorial symbolism rocks!! ;)And because it seems to be a theme, not only for me but for other people, too (namely, women of the people pleasing kind), there really is always that ONE person...usually more than one....that are going to be your Negative Nellies, your energy suckers, your voices of gloom and doom....and sometimes damnation based on wrong assumptions and your life. And, I don't care who ya are....for most women, their words HURT. Their wrong assumptions hurt. Judgements from people who clearly don't really know your heart and/or motives and the reasons for them....they hurt. Because we've got all those women's emotions and feelings going on that are wired into us....

But, you know what hurts more?? Listening to those people....and letting them effect your thoughts, your decisions, your todays, your tomorrows....your own self worth and value. You gotta learn to give them a little smile, say "bless your heart"....and keep moving right along.

I mean, really. Fight for your smile, your peace, your tranquility, and your purpose that's based on the truths that YOU know.....or you might end up looking like....Grumpy Cat. And while HE'S kind of funny, the thing about the people version of him is that they're not so much, and their behavior is usually a reflection of the condition of their hearts....and the state of THEIR peace, tranquility...and how well they're living up to their purpose and potential.....or not. Think about it...and adjust your emotions and responses as needed. <3

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