Monday, February 22, 2016

Some Princesses Wear Running Shoes....

So. I try to plan my runs in the middle-ish parts of my days most days. I'm kinda like a kid whose mind is more alert and sharp in the morning, so that's when I like to get my think-hard work done....but then I hit a point where I need a recess or PE break to shake some of it off, and then refocus for the rest of my day after. It works for me. Don't criticize. wink emoticon
Sometimes, depending on the time I'm able to schedule my PE time & the route I choose, I'm often at the end of my run at just when a nearby elementary school gets out. Today was one of those days. Just as I got to the school and pick-up car line, I switched my runkeeper to walk for the rest of the route home. As I was walking away from the school, I got behind a mom pushing a stroller and a couple of kids walking beside her. She was going pretty s-l-o-w pushing that stroller, so I increased my walk to run past her. As I did, her little girl appeared on the other side. Crazy, wild brown curls going all kinds of which-ways on her cute little head. Disney princess dress with play clothes underneath. Sneakers, or "running shoes". Normally, kids just move away or back up, closer to their moms when I pass them while running. This cutie, however, was in her own little world, bouncing along....and when she saw me, instead of getting that shy little look I'm used to seeing and backing closer to her mama....she grinned and those twinkly eyes lit up. She turned that bounce into a run and started running with me!! As we "ran" together, her smile got bigger and she kept looking at me. We were "racing"!!! We got to the crossroad and of course, she got there first. wink emoticon She was so excited that she won..."I won!!" she said and then looked at me...."We were racing!! Did I win???" I told her "of course you did" and gushed over what a good...and fast... runner she was. As she ran back to her mom, I heard her say, "I won!! I knew I would win!! Because I'm a princess"!!
I love kids and the way they see things. <3heart emoticon
May she always have sparkly eyes with a zest for living each moment to its fullest potential. And let her brown curls get crazy messy, because fun things happen when you let your hair get messy. And may she never doubt herself....not for a second, that she can do things....and and do them well....and even win.
Because princesses like pretty things. Like sparkles & flowers ....& princess dresses....they like to look and be pretty. That's how they're created. And they should be sweet & kind....& loving & gentle. But they should also be strong & smart & capable. And courageous & adventurous. If life doesn't make them forget or convince them otherwise....and if it does that to her....may she find her running shoes again. To help her remember.

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