Friday, September 23, 2016

Fit Family - Oct. 3

#VirtualCoachChallenges = taking & posting the selfies to connect with your people in a personal way because you rarely, or even never, see them in person & not looking like a dork in the process. ;)Do you even KNOW how hard it was for me to get this pic without it looking either 1.) totally inappropriate or 2.) nothing but legs for days, which was not where I wanted the focus ;) ??? also falls under the hashtag of...

#VirtualCoachPerks = I CAN help and connect with people no matter where they live, no matter what their schedule is....& no matter what their fitness & nutritional likes/dislikes, needs or preferences are!! You don't need to be a FitFanatic already to join our family, you don't even have to become one in the process....but ::

💪 You DO need to have a desire to improve your health & get your booty movin' in some way....& it doesn't have to be MY way. I'm aware that not everyone wants to run all over the world & I'm ok with that!! ;)

💪 You DO need to be willing to clean up what you're putting into your body, & your body will thank you for it. Your family & friends might, too....because when YOU feel better & have more energy, everyone in your life benefits!!

💪 You DO need to be ready to discover that we really ARE a FitFamily!! In my groups, you're not only going to be encouraged in the areas of fitness & nutrition, but you're going to be encouraged in all other parts of life, too. We care about each other. We care when one of us is hurting or going through difficult times....& let's be honest. We all pretty much are in one way or another, & if one of us isn't now....somethings going to come 'round the bend that throws a bump or two in our road. When that happens, we don't beat you over the head with a virtual stick, saying....BUT, did you do your workout today?!?!? We say.....I'm so sorry, how can I pray for you, what can I do for you.....& I'm so proud of you for hanging in there, you've got this and we've got YOU!!! We follow through with those offered prayers & help you get through it, without letting you give up & throw in the towel as far as taking care of yourself goes. Because LIFE happens, & sometimes we do that. We give up, instead of just adjusting as needed while still moving forward.....& months later, we regret that we did, but it doesn't have to be that way!

Another Virtual Coach Perk?? I've seen & done all of these things since I first joined a virtual coaching group....but it's also been delivered back to me, tenfold. Because that's what families do. <3

Been thinking about it?? Our next Adoption Day :)is coming soon, & we'd LOVE to welcome you into our family.....comment below or PM me & we'll get you started with the application process!! <3 <-----no, there's not really an application...I'm just a cheeseball. :P But there IS info we both need to get you set up & on your way, so....just quit thinking about it & do it, already!! :) :)

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