Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Ran A Mile....

Watching my 14 year old at baseball tryouts & thinking about our after school convo from yesterday....
Him:: "Mom, I ran a mile at school today"
This, from the kid who hates running...and, in the past, was not shy about letting me know it when he was forced to.
Me:: "You did?!?! Was it awful & horrible for you???". wink emoticon
Him:: "No.... All those other kids were complaining so much and I thought, 'you shouldn't complain.. This is nothing! My mom ran 28!!!'. I even said it out loud to one kid. Because I'm really proud of you, Mom". 
Maybe their thing isn't running. Maybe YOUR thing isn't running. But taking care of yourself, pushing to achieve goals...it's not selfish. It's being an example....you're teaching those you care for that they can achieve hard things too. They're always watching & always learning from you, whether you think they are or not.

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