Saturday, June 21, 2014


 ....that I have a like/dislike relationship with, has been pulling on my heart strings for the past 3 crazy days! He has been confused at the rush of activity, excited at a the packing & loading, then nervous & sulky...& cld often be found inside the Pods as we loaded them, looking at me with sometimes happy, sometimes sad, "I get to go, too, right?? Don't leave me behind"!!

THIS DOG. That I rescued from a shelter as a puppy for my kids, who bounded out of the car, running full speed, bouncing, jumping like a pogo stick (thus his name, Pogo) right towards my kids, knocking one of them down & trying to lick him to death, who drove me crazy & cured my little girl of her fear of dogs, has brought many smiles and a lot of laughter in addition to the aggravation.

THIS DOG. I think I might miss the way he acted like his day was made every time I came home, even if I was only gone for 10 minutes. And his cold wet nose as he nudged me on the backs of my legs every time he walked by. And the way he thought we were going running anytime I had "running clothes" on & he saw running shoes on my he wld immediately come to life, bouncing & running around in circles, looking at me expectantly & running ahead, then stop & look behind himself like, "you're coming, aren't you??? Let's go!!!!!"

THIS DOG. I'll get over it quickly cuz he drove me NUTS with his often disobedient & unruly behavior....but still. Why's he gotta be so cute?? He wanted so badly to come along for the ride...

I'm such a sentimental softie....toughen up, buttercup.

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