Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Information Overload...

Update on Ashlyn: follow-up to get results of CT/CAT scan appt for Friday has been cancelled. I got a phone call instead.....we have to do a biopsy on the lymph nodes in her neck. Appt. at Nemours tmrw morning for a consult with another Dr. & to have her nose scoped for swollen adenoids. Non-surgical biopsy in radiology on Friday. If they are not able to get answers non-surgically, we will have possible surgery next Tuesday to remove lymph nodes and biopsy.

Meanwhile, I am trying to complete 6 online courses in 3 days for a part time job so that I can take exams for them on Saturday (& not sure how I'm going to retain the course info for those exams), begin the day bright & early with an atty appt. tomorrow, then Nemours, then to fill out paperwork for part time job & do a cpl other things for that, prepare to switch from one temporary living location to another, have a court date coming up next week.....and can't remember what time I need to pick up my son from his Miami missions trip tmrw. Please pray that I don't forget to do that!! ;)

I'm not freaking out...but that's kind of a lot going on & I didn't even list everything! ;) If I see you at any time in the near future and you speak to me....and I just look at you with a blank stare ~~ have mercy. It may take me a sec to focus and process before I can respond.....

‪I can't remember what I'm supposed to be doing right this very second.
Information Overload is an understatement.

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