Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mama's Day....

I think I have writers' block.  Or maybe, I'm just in a season of life being so overwhelming that all the words are just stuck underneath all the other...stuff.  All the stuff that I can't write about due to circumstances, and all the stuff I can't write about because it just all hurts too much right now....and there's just a numbness that comes when I try to express it.  Maybe that's part of what writer's block is. ;)

But I know they will come again, and hope that if I keep posting just little snippets of this & that, that the words will eventually come.

So, today was Mother's Day.  I took my mama (and myself) out to lunch. Cheddar Bay biscuits and Lobster Pizza.

Yeah, baby.... :)

We had to entertain ourselves while waiting for a table.  This.  This is how we roll.  Most of the time, anyway.  Me and my 3.  <3

I was having a bad hair day.  Florida.  Humidity.  You get the point....

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