Friday, April 29, 2011

Suwanee Soap - Review

Several weeks ago, one of my favorite fellow bloggers ~ Rebecca of Mom's Mustard Seeds ~ announced the launch of her new home-based business, Suwanee Soap.  As soon as I read about it, I couldn't wait to try it out!  She kindly sent me a complimentary bar and my intention was to write a review as soon as I received it and tried it out.

My life has a way of getting in the way of my intentions lately, and that review that I intended to do right away kept getting put off as time for blogging is sometimes hard to come by.  At first I felt very guilty, but now......I'm actually glad I waited.  I'm hanging on to the last sliver of her soap that I have left and sad to see it go!  I can honestly say that I like it more now that I've used almost all of it than I did the first day!

Originally I was interested because it was an all-natural product, and even more so because it was a fellow homeschool mom's business.  I'm all for supporting small businesses and especially one that will help keep a Mom  home where she wants to be.  However, as the weeks have gone by and I have used her product daily....the quality has me sold. =)

I am not usually a bar soap person and prefer body wash most of the time.  Day after day, however, I've found myself reaching for Rebecca's soap instead.  I have purchased all-natural, chemical-free household cleaning and personal care products for years from a wonderful company and have always been happy with what I get from them.  I have to say, though, that their bar soap doesn't impress me as much as Suwanee's.

Suwanee Soap currently offers their safe and pure soap in Patchouli Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lavendar Essential Oil w/ Lavendar Petals, and Lavendar Essential Oil.  I received the Lemon Essential Oil soap after mentioning that I love the scent of citrus. =)  The soap comes in what I think is very quaint and charming packaging perfect for the product that lies within.  Simple and pure.  It reminds me of something you'd find in a country store off the beaten path, which is where some of the best natural products can be found.  Lately, in our busy,never-stop, ever-increasingly complicated world, I find myself drawn to and longing for sweet simplicity and how refreshing it is when I find it {not to mention the refreshment I get from that squeaky-clean sensation that comes with using the soap - haha ; ) }!

The bars are wrapped in muslin and tied with a brown string.  Simple, yet appealing.
Inside you find the pure goodness, not perfectly stamped out bars of manufactured goods, but that of a product that is handmade, and made with care. =)

Image of Lemon Essential Oil

The above is a photo of the Lemon Essential Oil.  I borrowed the pics from Suwanee Soap's site and Facebook page because I forgot to take pics of my own.  I didn't think Rebecca would mind ~ I think she'll just be happy to see the review finally be posted.  ; )

The scent makes it's presence known while being soft and not over-powering, which as someone who is highly sensitive to many scents, is something I can really appreciate.  It lathers extremely well, another feature I love.  The soap from the other company I order from doesn't lather as well which is why I usually prefer body wash.  I like bubbles. =)  It also rinses cleanly away, leaving no hint of residue and the scent doesn't linger heavily on your skin so as not to conflict with any other scent you may wish to wear.

I wanted to try this soap for the simple reason of helping another homeschooling mom start her business, because she is a mom I relate to so well.  Now, after using the whole bar, I can honestly say that I really do LOVE it and will be using more of it!  I'm thinking it would make a really nice gift and think it would look too cute partnered with embellished hand towels, dish towels, kitchen towels, etc.  If you are a person who might receive a gift from me for any reason, don't be surprised it you find a ♥super sweet♥ set such as this in a gift bag with your name on it. = )

You can find Rebecca and her handmade soap at her websites:

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Rebecca said...

Ok....your review made me cry....seriously, sweet friend. If I could send the world free would be amongst the first.....
Your words are so wonderful...and I wasn't worried about when your review would be posted....I know life...and I know God's timing is always perfect. BY ALL means, you know how I feel about my blog, etc...nothing belongs to me, it belongs to, I share all, freely!! Love you bunches!