Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Diva Sews! and Embroiders!

When you've gotta earn a living & want to be a stay-at-home homeschooling mom as well, you try to find something you're good at, you enjoy doing & happens to be a marketable skill ~ and then you shamelessly try to promote yourself.....not such an easy task for a girl like me.......trying to pull out my sassy side & get the job done!  :)

This is my latest endeavor in my never ending attempts and unrealistic goal of being a Proverbs 31 woman!

It all started with a backpack that my daughter requested for Christmas......we live in Gator country & people keep asking me to make them one after they see hers!!  I'll be glad to make you one, too.  : )  Not a Gator fan?  That's ok.....I ♥ special requests!  ; )  (BTW, you can enlarge the pics if you click on them)

After a few backpacks were seen out and about in the River City, someone requested I make a Gator purse....no problem!  : )  And then another......word of mouth is a very good thing!  Ironically, I don't even like sports.....I may have to change my mind about that soon as I'm learning that Team Spirit can be very profitable.  ; )

For those with Team Spirit who need something smaller, wristlets and key fobs are *very* trendy right now!

A few more styles......I ♥LOVE♥ custom orders.....are you feeling ♥Sweet♥  or  ♥Sassy♥  today??

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Nicole said...

You do such beautiful work!! Love it!!