Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Officer Friendlies

we interrupt the cancer posts for a police rant::

dang, y' newsfeed is often so full of negativity against law enforcement, attys, judges, etc.....personal posts, articles shared....and I know there's a lot of corruption out there, and am not going to say I like our government in general.....BUT...

I'm thinking of 2 very nice, sympathetic & helpful officers who came at my call not very long ago, stepped in & saved the day for me and my kiddos, gave me advice after assessing the situation and getting it under control, told me what to do because I was too upset to think, & stayed with us until we were ok .....and of times I should have called someone and didn't. I'm thinking of 2 very good attorneys who have also come to my rescue when all other options had been exhausted and have performed their duties and jobs in nothing but the most ethical of ways. And of judges who help pass things through the legal system and stop the crazy for those who need help stopping the crazy!!!

These people who are so criticized spend their lives rescuing people from themselves and coming to the aid of people who are targets of those who don't know how to behave with even basic human decency. They deal with crazy, maddening, and heartbreaking situations.....they spend long hours away from those they love to protect and serve us, and I'd like to think for every corrupt instance that makes the news, there's COUNTLESS good instances that never do and go unnoticed.

SO, for the officers that were my heroes for the day & whom I will never forget, for the attys that have come to my aid, and for the judges who process crazy through a constantly rotating's a positive post and a THANK YOU.

And, I'll throw firefighters in there, too. Cuz while I've never had one come to my aid, they put their lives on the line as well. And they're just COOL. And............I really like their big, red trucks. wink emoticon


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