Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First Day at Proton

....she feels yucky today....and is **anxious** about going to radiation. cry emoticon </3

And she gets mad at me for stroking her head and giving her a kiss on the cheek when I walk by her.

Get over it, girlfriend....yo mama's never gonna change. wink emoticon heart emoticon


The receptionist just looked at me and my 3 kids....looked at each one of them.....and asked which one is Ashlyn.


Smile. Be nice....maybe she's had a long day. Bless her heart.


She just went back for her first radiation treatment....after meeting with her dr. & again being reminded of how harsh her treatment is & of the side effects. And she was already wound tighter than tight with anxiety....

When I listed all the possible side effects, I purposely didn't include the %ages of likelihood for each. Some are much greater than others, some have small %ages....but quite frankly, when your daughter has been diagnosed with a cancer that she had less than a 7% chance of getting in the first place....you find ZERO comfort in %ages.

The only comfort I find is in knowing she's got literally a legion of prayer warriors covering her in prayer. You really don't know how much I'm relying on those prayers, or how often I pull up my posts & read each comment & scroll through each list of "likes"......& thank God for each one of you that keep "liking" & commenting, day after day....post after post.

In Christ our Hope is found, in Him our fears are calmed....and in prayer, you're getting us through. heart emoticon

Lord, show us your Glory.


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