Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dear Santa....

I have a confession that often surprises people.....I have a thing for Harleys.   ;)

I took one of my kids to see his PopPop this weekend for his birthday, and it just so happened to be BikeFest weekend.  We stopped first at the Harley dealership where I added to my Christmas wish list ;)

Later, while Jacob and his PopPop went out for dinner and a movie, the girls and I headed out to see the sights....oh my.  Talk about being a fish out of water!!  But the Harleys were super cool ;)

One day.....I'm gonna be a real Harley chick.  Sort of.  But not the hard core, wild & crazy kind.  More like a girl who craves wide, open spaces, who's country at heart....and has a kickin' Harley in the barn or shed out back.  ;)

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