Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is Anybody Still With Me????

I know......I disappeared.

I've been tired (exhausted).  Sick.  Tired.  Busy.  Tired.  Overwhelmed.  Tired.

Do you see a trend here? ; )

I've logged on to Blogger many times.  And stared at the screen wanting to post, but what do you post when the words won't come?

You don't.  Or, I don't.

You stare at the screen, you read some posts from your favorite blogs, and you stare at that blank screen some more.......and then, you log off.  Because you can't bring yourself to post when there's no inspiration ~~ or, maybe there is, but it's behind a closed door......waiting for healing, for a rested and rejuvenated spirit, for the fog to lift so that the words that are there can find their way to your fingertips again.

Perhaps the fog is clearing a little, because here I am.  Perhaps the door has been unlocked, but it's not completely open.

Today, we're headed for a day in the country.  Or, as close as we can get.  A day ahead to spend with the ♥sweetest♥ kind of ♥friends♥ favorite ones.  The ones that just "get" you without even trying, the ones that you don't have to explain yourself to because their hearts are so much like yours.  A day of fresh air, sunshine, laughter and fun.  A day of breathing deeply & enjoying wide, open spaces......of watching my kids hang out with their favorite friends, too, and delighting in their freedom to run, play, and be loud and rambunctious without fear of disturbing neighbors whose houses are too close and ears too sensitive to the noise that healthy kids make.

A cake is baked.  Picnic packed.  And three kids whom I adore are anxiously asking, "Mom, can we leave soon?!  We don't want to be late!!"

Mom doesn't want to be late, either.

Just wanted to slip you a note under that let you know I didn't disappear for good. ; )

Claiming this verse this week, because I know the promises in His Word to be true, and rest my weary soul in the rejuvenating comfort of His love and grace:

"For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every languishing and sorrowful soul.” 
Jeremiah 36:25



Lisa notes... said...

Praying your soul gets filled today. I appreciate your note under the door. And the beautiful scripture--it reminds me of Psalm a dry and weary land, our soul thirst for Him.

Rebecca said...

Hi sweet friend! I have missed you, but understand the necessity to unplug....and when the words won't come...that's a good time. You've had a lot going on....and I am thankful to be part of your life. Thank you for sharing your verse!!! HUGS!

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Hey girl!! Glad to know that all is okay - and we all have those blocks of blah :)

Enjoy your day, soak up some sun and love and come back and share!!

Anonymous said...

Glad I stopped by today. The verse you shared is a reminder I needed badly. Hope you had a wonderful day with friends.

Kristine said...

Oh yes, I understand where your coming from. Some times we need to step back, process, deal with the fact that we cannot always be inspired. I guess it makes it all the sweeter when we find our way back.