Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Tis the Season to Spread a Little ♥ Love ♥.....

.... and I'm Linking up again today with The Homeschool Village for February's Fantastic Finds

I have an addiction.....and it is Tip Junkie.  I just can't help it ~ she speaks my language and her posts inspire my creativity.....more so than I have time for!  ; )

With the busyness of my life the past couple of years, I have let some of the fun, hands-on activities I've always done with my kids fall by the wayside.....and it turns out, they miss it ~ and miss it GREATLY.  I am determined to add more fun back into our days and in the past have often used holidays ~ big ones and little ones ~ to incorporate fun (and sometimes silly) activities into our "school". With Valentine's Day around the corner, two of her recent posts have inspired me:

I have downloaded and printed the envelopes for an adorable Valentine Advent Calendar ..... click on the link to see lots more super cute pics and ideas on this one.

It's already February 3 and I'm getting a late start, but my three favorite Valentines still want to do it.  My ♥sweet♥ girl (who is now a very grown-up middle-schooler and I thought perhaps would think these cutesy things a little beneath her these days) happily cut out all the envelopes for us......although, it seems I'm missing one!

With our 4H meeting being cancelled due to a very rainy day, we'll get started on this as soon as they're done with their regular assignments (and I print out that missing one).  We're going to look up scriptures and write them inside that apply to love (God's love for us, loving others, etc.) and include an activity to do on each one (make a special card for a friend, bake Valentine cookies....and share them with someone.....surprise a relative far away with a phone call, etc.).  Since we're getting a late start, we'll have to double up a couple of days, but I don't think my kids will care.  ; )   I have a roll of pink tulle that I'm going to use to hang the cards up with.

I'm also going to print out these Valentine's coupons  for them (and me!) to give to those most special to well as each other.  They have been driving me crazy with the sibling rivalry/arguing/complaining/tattling/picking-on-each-other/war lately and I have been looking for an idea on something to spark a little ♥ love ♥ and appreciation for one another.  Funny thing about serving others.....not only does it make them feel special, but it has a tendency to change the selfish nature of our hearts. ♥

I'm feelin' the ♥ love ♥ already! ; )

The Two Savvy Sisters




Aurie said...

Adorable ideas and thanks for the links!! I'm off to check them out :)

Linda said...

Oh such sweet Valentine's Day ideas!!! Thanks so much for sharing them! Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and I've been looking for some cute ideas! Glad you linked up....I'm linked up HERE.

Have a GREAT day!

Heavenly Savings said...

Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Thursday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

I love the Valentine "Advent" idea. Those are some beautiful projects, and I like the idea of fighting the sibling issues with the Word!

Thanks for sharing these great ideas!


Joy said...

Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing them! :)

Rebecca said...

VERY CUTE and sweet! I always enjoy your posts....visiting your blog is always so refreshing....and loving for my heart!! Thanks for linking it today for the Valentine Linky Party at Moms Mustard Seeds!

melismama said...

Hi, thanks so much for stopping by from Mustards Seeds this morning. Love those V'Day coupons! 8)

Cheryl said...

Wow, great links! I usually completely overlook Valentines Day. Who knew there was an advent calendar. I'm bookmarking your page. Thanks for linking up at the HSV!

Mozi Esmé said...

I need to get my act together next year and do the Valentine's advent calendar - I've been intrigued with it and even bought some little gifts to go with it this year, but we are NOT organized enough yet... :)

Sweet ideas!

H-Mama said...

Too cute! Such a great idea. I'm off to follow those links... :)