Monday, October 11, 2010

Multitude Monday: 1000 Gifts 21-30

holy experience

21.  Two almost pain-free days in a row : )

22.  Sleep, bless-ed sleep ~ ~ a 2 hr. Sunday nap followed by a 10 hr. night's sleep  (This is unheard of for me.....I reckon I was tired!)

23.  Sweet evidences of  a true friendship

24.  A Boys-Only camping trip  : )

25.  Leftovers for dinner on Sunday nights, meaning Mom doesn't cook  : )

26.  Toy animals perched precariously on top of my computer screen, reminding me that someone was thinking of me  ♥

27.  Coffee breaks!!

28.  Little boys who adore their Mom.....for a little while longer, anyway  ; )  ♥

29.  a 12 yr. old girl with braids in her hair ♥

30.  Home School Field Trips

(Pics may be enlarged by clicking on them)

I ♥ Dolphins!!!  When I was my children's ages, I was convinced that I was going to have a huge-mongous salt water pool in my back yard so that I could have a pet dolphin.  I was also going to have pink flamingos in my back yard......and I'm not talking about the plastic ones.  ; )

In the general admission area (above), the dolphins were free to do as they wish while onlookers (us) watched.......they wanted to PLAY!!!  They would throw the balls (basketballs/footballs) that were in their tanks out to the kids....the kids would toss them back......and on and on it went ~ ~ so cute & fun!

We also got to pet a dolphin ~ not like at places like Sea World, where there's tons of dolphins crammed into one tank and you pet them as they pass by.  A trainer split our group up into smaller groups of five or more, we went to a specified area and he brought a dolphin up to us.  We were able to pet her (we met Pebbles!), feed her, give her some signals to which she responded, and the trainer talked about different parts of the dolphin's anatomy and gave lots of other interesting facts such as info on her diet and distinguishing characteristics between the different dolphins.  We'll be getting a CD with pics of our personal encounter later!

We also had a very fun and informative classroom experience....we had such a fun day!!
Now, I want to swim with them...... : )

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums


Nicole said...

Beautiful list today! Wonderful things to be thankful for!! Especially the 2 days of no pain and finally getting the rest you needed! The rest is great too but you obviously needed some sleep! =)

Jill said...

Thanks, Nicole....I'll be linking up w/ you tomorrow! We had our field trip last Tuesday which turned into an all-day event & I was also sick all week so didn't get a post together ahead of time.....or any other posts together all week! ;)