Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Beatitudes (for Mothers), Week 2 ~ Mustard Seed Planting

 It's Wednesday!!  Linking up once again with Mom's Mustard Seeds for Mustard Seed Planting, a weekly meme where we link up and encourage one another to memorize and apply God's word in our hearts and lives!

Last week was quite the humdinger and with not feeling well combined with medication making my brain quite fuzzy,  I'm still working on the last scripture I posted, The Beatitudes.  Lately, I find that I greatly need the encouragement and hope found in Matthew 5:3-11.....

Once again, I'm also going to borrow from Glenda Malmin's devotional book for moms, "The Journey of a Mother's Heart" ~ Lessons on motherhood from the life of Mary.

She beautifully paraphrases the Beatitudes to put the blessings of motherhood into perspective:

A Mother's Beatitudes

  • Blessed is the mother whose children freely laugh, play and pray, for hers is the kingdom of heaven on earth.
  • Blessed is the mother who cries when she needs to but does not lack faith, for she will be comforted
  • Blessed is the mother who has a gentle disposition in the midst of the fluctuating emotions of her children, for she will inherit their hearts.
  • Blessed is the mother who hungers for a closer walk with God, for she will be nourished and sustained.
  • Blessed is the mother who is merciful in moments of contradiction, for she will receive mercy in the days that lie ahead.
  • Blessed is the mother who is pure in heart and in spirit, for she will see God and the future in the eyes of her children.
  • Blessed is the mother who is a peacemaker in times of storm, for she will be called trustworthy and true.
  • Blessed is the mother who is disheartened in the journey, for there is hope and a future for her.
  • Blessed is the mother who alone can see her child's potential, for God Himself will be her rear guard.
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Amanda said...

What a beautiful list about the mothers! It is great... I will have to come back and copy that one down.

Thanks for a special WFW!

Rebecca (me!) said...

Beautiful...I love the Beatitudes and the ones written for a Mother from the book you mentioned. I need to look into that and become that Mother....May God bless you this week...and may your body heal....

Penny said...

This is awesome! I've have taught on the Beatitudes many times and love the Mother's version!!!

Happy iFellowship!

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Richele said...

That was beautiful!

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Organizer of Hysteria said...

This is wonderful! Just what I needed. :-) Going in my homeschool notebook for sure!

I've loved browsing your blog and look forward to reading more!