Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boys will be Boys by Sweet Diva

....and so my latest project started something like this.....

Jacob:  "Mom, can you make me a backpack like Ashlyn's?"

Mom:  "Ummmm, no.  Don't you think her backpack is girly?"

Jacob:  "But I like the Gators and you always make her stuff and I want you to make me a backpack, too, because you make the coolest stuff."

Me:  "I make girly stuff.  I don't make boy stuff.  I'll just buy you one when the stores put the back-to-school items on sale."

Jacob:  "How about a Star Wars backpack?  That wouldn't be girly!"

 Me:  "No!  I don't know if they even make Star Wars fabric.....and the backpacks I make are quilted.  It makes the fabric stronger....and also looks GIRLY!"

Jacob:  "So don't quilt it."

Me:  "Uggghhhh.....weren't you listening to me?  I need to quilt the fabric to make it strong enough for a sturdy backpack!"

Jacob: (in a full pout)  "Please?  You can do it.  You always figure out a way to do everything because you're the best mom in the world!"

Robert:  "She's going to make me a backpack with a train on it!"

I am now envisioning the emotional scars I am causing by not making them a backpack.  One day when they are grown and have all sorts of problems, they will travel back in their memory to the fateful day they asked me to show my love for them by making them backpacks......but I did make their sister one.  They are going to be traumatized for life and still I say....

Me:  "No, I am not making a train backpack.  I don't make boys backpacks and I'm not making you a girly backpack.  Everyone will make fun of you."

Jacob:  "Just think about it for a while.  You'll figure it out."

Mark: (the husband)  "Jacob, stop it.  There is no way she can make one of those backpacks NOT look girly.  Leave her alone."

Me:  "You think I can't do it?"

Mark:  "No, I don't see how you can.  They are VERY girly.  There's no way."

Pssshhhhh, whatever.  Just watch me....

Just look at my boys modeling their backpacks.  They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!
(Click on the photos once to enlarge into another window.  Click on the photo in the new window to enlarge again to see detail.)

Robert's with a train....his name would have shown up better in another color, but he wanted it in blue.

Jacob's Star Wars backpack.....apparently Mace is the best fighter in the galaxy.

......and so I have two very happy boys with custom backpack that they declare to be the BEST and most comfortable to wear that they've ver had....and one husband who was WRONG. 

*Yawn*....I think I'll sleep well tonight. ; )

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Nicole said...

Holy crap woman!! Those are amazing!!! You did an excellent job and proved hubby wrong!! (which we know all wives love to do!)
Those are just handsome!! and the do look comfy!!

Do you have a machine that does the emboidering (sp? sorry) for you? Like you can put in the name to do that? Doing it free hand would be so scary! It's looks great! Love it woman! I hope you do sleep well tonight! =)