Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why Wednesday...

#WhyWednesday Photo Collage Challenge

✔cross training workout selfie:: Focus T25 Ab Intervals - in and out of planks & plank variations for 25 min.!!
✔healthy meal:: 21 Day Fixed Healthy Breakfast Burrito...or...taco ;)
✔Shake-O...w/ almond milk, spinach & cinnamon

▶▶▶Why.....Am I in the group? As a coach:: To help others!!! And for my own accountability needs (this is where I cross train)....and for the relationships that form because of it.

▶▶▶Why...Do I want to be healthy? active? fit? Because healthy and strong feels a heck of a lot better than the alternative!! To be able to LIVE life to it's fullest..... a life that I ENJOY living. So that I can go on whatever adventures I decide to do next. :) To make my outside match my inside. ;) Because taking care of myself in this way produces the natural byproduct of taking care of myself in other areas, too...

▶▶▶And....why do I post this here?? To give you a glimpse of the fun parts of what goes on in challenge groups....the games that allow us to connect with each other and build more than just health & fitness knowledge, but through the interactions and comments, friendships...with sometimes team work, sometimes friendly competition....ALWAYS including laughter, encouragement, etc. & all the little things that bond us into a #FitFam And, if a challenge group isn't right for you, right now.....then, to encourage you to take even the smallest step in that healthy direction, in whatever way it may be for you TODAY.

Contact me for info on how YOU could benefit from a virtual challenge group, too!!  You don't have to do it alone! =)
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