Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rainy Day Problems....

Just keepin' it real...a little peek into my everyday kind of day ;) ::
Running very late this morning, after rushing around like a maniac, throwing bags & books into the back of the SUV, rushing & nagging 3 s-l-o-w moving children & finally declaring after too many trips to & fro that no one was going back into the house ONE MORE TIME....I proceeded to go muddin' down our drive & take a deep breath, glad that we were finally on our way. It was then that a feeling came over me & I noticed the driver's side window half way down, the drenched door & wet seat I was sitting in and realized....OH, YAY. It's gonna be a soggy bottom jeans kind of day! ;)
I find it so much easier to love them when I'm not having to be out in them!! ;)


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