Monday, December 20, 2010

Multitude Monday: 1,000 Gifts 46 - 65

Has it really been almost a month since I've posted?! Oh my ~ I guess I've been a little overwhelmed & my bloggy world has been neglected!

holy experience

Rejoining The Gratitude Community for Multitude Monday.........

46. Encouraging friends who know her well enough to read between the lines and assume the best about her instead of being a constant source of negativity and criticism.....they are truly a priceless treasure

47. Friends who are drama-free!!!!

48. 3 weeks off from our homeschool co-op (love our co-op, but happy to have a break!)

49.  Last minute Christmas orders

50. Unexpected e-cards from my precious (and often sassy)'s the "sassy" that makes the unexpected thoughtfulness so meaningful ; )

51. My wise guy ♥ (the one with the red)

52.  Opportunities to serve others....

        On Dec. 10, I was blessed with being able to participate with my daughter in our church's Middle School Christmas Ministry Night. 

Our middle schoolers packing up gift bags of cookies and candy to distribute to various teen crises centers and homeless shelters in our city....

We then divided up into groups and set out to visit and throw Christmas parties for them.....our group visited the Children's Home Society.  We played some Christmas games, shared the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas, and had a Birthday cake for Jesus!  I was so exhausted this night, but so glad I went!  It's true what Jesus said, you really IS more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35)!

53.  The Middle School Dept. of my church  : )

54.  A ♥church home♥ that REALLY feels like home every time I walk through the doors

55.  A music ministry that fulfills another longing to serve and give of my talents ~ so much more a blessing to me than I could ever be to it

56.  A ladies ensemble that lets me sing with them, covers for my mediocre abilities & blesses me far more than I can say

57.  Little boys singing "All is Well"

58.  Christmas carols

59.  Nativity scenes

60.  ♫ Hallelujah, we've been found....

61.  A child is born....To save us now....

62.  Jesus....

63.  Hallelujah, Light has come....

64.  A Savior who will set us free.....

65.  A promise for those who believe!  ♫

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