Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Song for Everything

Chemo days do NOT make for Sunny Side Up mornings!!!!!

Trying to be understanding & grin & bear it when the Sweet One says to me as I fly by him....."you look so pretty. Red looks good on you. And I wish we didn't have to leave for a few days. You're doing a good job making the house look good. No matter where we live, you always do that. With the same stuff but you use it in different ways & it always looks good. How do you do that"?????

Smile. Cue the music. 🎶"I've got the magic in me....."🎶

"Oh my WORD. You've got a song for everything, Mom" with an eye roll & a smile & a laugh.

That Sweet One. He's my favorite today. 😉😘😍

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