Monday, August 1, 2011

Go See Where They Pack the Peaches ~ Fun in the Summer Sun Link Up!!! ~ Kid-Friendly Activity

Welcome to the 9th week of our Fun in the Summer Fun event!  Each Monday until September 7th,  Mama to 4 Blessings along with:

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 will be hosting Fun in the Summer Fun link up events.

Here's the line up:

The 1st Monday of each month: link up your "Kid friendly summer activities"
The 2nd Monday of each month: link up your "Kid friendly summer crafts"
The 3rd Monday of each month: link up your "Kid friendly summer recipes"
The 4th Monday of each month: link up your "How to stay cool in the summer heat"

Here’s our “Kid Friendly Summer Activity!”

On our recent trip to middle GA, we visited a very cool peach packing shed!  Dickey's  is Georgia's oldest , continually operating peach packing shed located in Musella, Ga, and although for years I visited my Granny's house once a week just a couple of miles away, I had never been there.  What a treat my first trip was.....made even sweeter by having my three kids to take with me! =)

When you first pull up to the packing shed, it doesn't look like much ~ just a long, old white building......

.....but when you step up onto the wide, golden ♥Southern♥ front porch, you've entered a world that you just might want to hang out in for a while!

You can step on up, try some samples, browse the impressive displays of peach products and fresh produce available, 

...., peruse the memorabilia scattered along the porch,........

......purchase a cup of AMAZING peach ice cream (a must!!!), ......

and sit down in one of their classic white rockers and view the peach packing process as you enjoy it!  That's what we did, anyway... ; )

We found this fascinating.....and a little mesmerizing watching the peaches go through their journey in preparation for sales or deliveries.......and before leaving, I made my kids pose for some peachy pics. =)

They're such good sports (most of the time)!!  ; )

What activity have you done this summer?  Link it up....I'd love to read about it!! (but I'm out of town this week and can't check them out or respond till next week.....I promise to catch up when I'm home ~ it'll give me something else to look forward to!!)


Mama to 4 said...

yum - Georgia has the BEST peaches ever, I have alot of family in Georgia and being their several times I can say they are the best! Looks like your kids had a great time, I may have to try to visit there next year on our trip to NY. Thank you for sharing! :)

Ticia said...

what a great visit! I bet everyone loved that.