Monday, July 11, 2011

Gettin' Crafty in a Manly Way ~ Kid-Friendly Craft ~ Fun in the Summer Sun Link-Up!!

Welcome to the 6th week of our Fun in the Summer Fun event!  Each Monday until September 7th,  Mama to 4 Blessings along with:

Adventures of Mommydom,
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 will be hosting Fun in the Summer Fun link up events.

Here's the line up:

The 1st Monday of each month: link up your "Kid friendly summer activities"
The 2nd Monday of each month: link up your "Kid friendly summer crafts"
The 3rd Monday of each month: link up your "Kid friendly summer recipes"
The 4th Monday of each month: link up your "How to stay cool in the summer heat"

Here’s our “Kid Friendly Summer Craft!”

Being of the rather crafty sort, my children are my biggest and most enthusiastic fans for every project I attempt/create.  They are mistakenly convinced that Mom can do pretty much anything, and being around such madness and insanity creativity tends to inspire them to want to try things, too.

My boys, however, have been a little frustrated lately.  Apparently, everything is for girls and, well.......what about them????  I'm raising myself up some manly little men here, so I certainly can't blame them for desiring some "projects" (don't use the word's girly) that appeal to their rough and oh-so-tough nature, one that will support their masculinity and help put hair on their chests! ; )

Years ago, I checked into the *free* Build-and-Grow clinics offered by Lowe's, but due to involvement in sports and commitments to my daughter's intense dance schedule, could never get my boys there.  That was then, and this is now.  Things have changed, and a few weeks ago, I loaded up my two rowdy fellas and we made the long drive {not really ~  less than 2 miles ; ) } to our store.

It was the last weekend of June, and the kit provided was for a very cute rugged and patriotic flag waving ship.....

The Kit =)

Master Builder #1.....

....and Master Builder #2

Hammers, nails, pounding.....Oh, yeah....

My boys have mad carpentry skills....

The faces he makes while concentrating make my day!  Too bad I didn't get a shot of the tongue that often sticks out ever so slightly as he helps, you know. ; )

This is serious business.  He's the Man.

Jacob has now entered the I-am-very-cool-and-don't-get-too-enthusiastic-while-taking-pictures phase.  Especially when he know they will show up on Mom's blog, or perhaps Facebook.

They both had a blast and proclaim me the best Mom ever.  Shhhh....don't tell them I'm not.  I'm basking in the glory while it lasts.  ; )

We also went this past weekend for an even more fun and manly project.....but we partied hard all weekend and I'm saving those photos for a Party Post!  Check back later.....I know you'll be waiting anxiously for their debut & counting the minutes!! ; )

Thanks to Lowes, my boys are getting their masculine creative fix, and yours can, too....but you need to register and print a waiver to guarantee a spot for them.  Give it a's freeeeeeee!!!!

How do you get crafty & spark imagination and creativity with your kids??  Link up with us.....we'd love to see!!!


Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

I always forget about those fun Lowe's projects they offer. Thanks for the reminder. Your boys did an excellent job crafting, er, building. ☺ Happy Monday!

Little Wonders' Days said...

We've not tried these projects yet, but I'm inspired to check into them. My almost 7 year old boy is just starting to think some things are too girly too, lol. Thanks for linking to my party too.

Ticia said...

We missed the one you went to, the kids were with their grandparents, but man they would have loved that one.

Live*Laugh*Love said...

I am a new follower please follow me back thanks :)

Jill said...

They really love going....I'm so glad I finally followed through with it!! The one from this past weekend was so fun!!

Marilyn said...

Hello there.. Officially following you from Blog hop Tuesday today.. Lovely blog.. Awesome posts.. Settling in to read some more.. ;)) Hope you can stop by my blog sometime.. I'm Marilyn from .. Ciao :))